Popular Arrangements

We have listed some of our more popular arrangements and bouquets by name to help with your shopping needs. Simply call in at 252-745-3443 and let us know the name of the arrangement you prefer.

“Hugs & Roses”

A lovely arrangement in a mason jar to bring in that country fresh feeling of love into your  life. $35 and up.

Hugs and Roses mason jar arrangement

“Shine Like A Rainbow”

A colorful mix of spring flowers to bring cheer and show your special someone how she shines like a rainbow. $50 and up.

Shine Like A Rainbow colorful spring mix in vase

“Garden Delight”

A gorgeous mix of flowers for the Garden Lovers. $45 and up.

Garden Delight a garden bouquet

“Blossom Bliss” Basket

A basket filled with the fragrances of kindness and tenderness just like your special someone’s loving heart. $35 and up.

Blossom Bliss mixed floral basket

“Springtime Sunrise”

If your special someone is the sun that rises and sets in your life, this arrangement reflects the beauty of a springtime sunrise and is sure to please her. $60 and up.

Springtime Sunrise Mixed Floral Vase

“Reach For The Stars”

A mix of wonderful flowers in a topiary tree arrangement to show off how much your special someone encourages you to reach for the stars. $35 and up.

Reach For The Stars Topiary Tree Floral Arrangement

“With All My Heart”

A terrific arrangement of mixed spring flowers to express that you love your special someone with all your heart and more than words can say. $60 and up.

With All My Heart Mixed Spring Bouquets

“Angel Kisses”

This mason jar full of garden springtime flowers will bring lots of joy and happiness to your special someone who are thought of as angels themselves. $40 and up.

Angel Kisses mason jar garden arrangement

“Love In Full Bloom”

A gorgeous arrangement with roses to show your special someone that your love and appreciation for her is always in full bloom. $60 and up.

Love In Full Bloom mixed arrangement with roses

“Joyful Jubilee”

A playful collection of darling flowers and polka dots arranged to show off the playful side of your special someone that you treasure beyond compare. $30 and up.

Joyful Jubilee polka dot bouquet

“Sunshine Splendor”

This arrangement spreads the sunshine you feel your special someone brings to your life with all her caring words, support and love. $40 and up.

“Pedals of Grace”

An elegant arrangement full of pedals that are soft and luxurious like your special someone’s grace. $75 and up.

Pedals of Grace mixed spring bouquets

“Sweet Simplicity”

Such a sweet and simply thoughtful arrangement in a small jar that will brighten anybody’s day. $25 and up.

Sweet Simplicity simple mixed jar bouquet

“Color Me Happy”

This bouquet features colorful fresh spring flowers in a vase. $35 and up.

Color Me Happy bouquet of colorful spring flowers in vase starting at $35.00

“Happy Hydrangeas”

We also have hydrangeas that are spectacularly in bloom. They would make a great gift for your special someone that keeps on giving just like she does. $45

Hydrangea Plants

We are confident that if you do not see a bouquet that you prefer in the above listings that we can custom design an arrangement just for your special someone. Please give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss your preferences.